I have been English trainer since 2011 working in language schools, institutes and university in Germany and Iran.

I have studied English language and literature at university.

I also offer business and general courses in Biberach as one-to-one and group lessons for private students.

I would be glad if you read my bio:

In the month of June 1998, I started attending English classes as a second language. The supplementary courses after school brought me into the social usefulness, which was the consequence of my best performance and constant attendance in the courses. As soon as I filled with admiration for my achievement, I simply discovered the English-speaking world and began my journey through the layers of a language in terms of elaborating and paraphrasing. I, therefore, packed intellect, concepts, and corporation in eight years of study in Iran language institute and; out of my huge interest pursued my undergraduate degree in English language and literature. Exploring the splendid history of English literature from Anglo-Saxon times to the Victorian era was phenomenal. Novels, poetry, culture, and history with the broad focuses of criticism encouraged me to read the best books and create my own works in short stories, poems, and reviews.

Furthermore, I could not give up with my childhood dream; becoming an English teacher. Thereupon after six months of teacher training courses, it was the time to dare to engage in a vocation so responsible to gain and give in the society with the logical and abstract considerations. The achievement of the golden era of teaching is more than the awarded certificate of appreciation by the language schools, but a real gift to me. The perception of responsibility was deeply rooted in my personality from the time I observed my mother; the only model role of mine, devotedly carrying on her career as a teacher for years.

But the question is passing on the absolute forms and rules of the language structures are enough for people? My linguistic mind and inspired soul by the magic of literature needs to share the ideas and plans with human intellects and hearts. we need to manifest and develop this idea in the society for people with different ages and interests, while true essence of language learning knows no nationality, color, and race. Extending my knowledge and vision enables me not just to accomplish my goal career but still helps me to discover new methods for the evolution of language learning.

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